When going through my lipstick draw, i found a trend of nude/ "your lips but better" colours in my collection. I decided to swatch each of them and they all looked extremely similar to the Velvet Teddy shade by MAC. I was lucky enough to pick up the actual Velvet Teddy shade whilst i was overseas, as i know its been sold out in Australia for a while now. So if you're on the hunt for a perfect dupe, you're in the right place.

(As shown above)

1. Velvet Teddy by MAC
2. Honey Love by MAC
3. Nude Satin by Face of Australia
4. Love Bite by the Face of Australia

(left to right: Face of Australia- Nude Satin, MAC- Velvet Teddy, MAC- Honey Love, Face of Australia- Love Bite)

This is obviously not a dupe for MAC's Velvet Teddy, as it's the actual one, but i decided to add it in anyways and swatch it for you guys so you can compare it to the other dupes shown. 

This lipstick looks like a plum colour on its own, but when i swatched it, it looked much darker and has a more purple/ plum undertone to it and has a slight shine to it (not as matte as velvet teddy).  It's super creamy, yet the only downfall is the round/ oval shape of the actual lipstick which makes it a bit harder to apply. 

This Face of Australia lipstick is a great drug store dupe and is extremely creamy and glides on very smoothly! It's super hydrating and my lips don't feel overly dry, which i sometimes feel from MAC's Matte lipsticks. For under $10, i definitely recommend this lipstick and it looks exactly like Velvet Teddy!

When i was getting my makeup done for my school formal at MAC, the makeup artist recommended me this dupe for the Velvet Teddy as its almost identical. It's a bit more lighter than the Velvet Teddy and has a slight shine on my lips. If you still want a MAC dupe, than this is the one for you!

- Em x


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