You know what my favourite thing about Melbourne is? Here i'll tell you, it's when you check the weather app on your iPhone and see that it's 17 degrees, but when you go outside it feels like its 30+ degrees (I hope you can sense the sarcasm). 
I'm definitely not a MASSIVE hater of hot weather (jokes, maybe i am) but at least i dressed the part, kinda haha? i've always wanted a pair of dungarees, except i wasn't too sure i could pull it off/ wear it casually around the town without looking like a hillbilly. Luckily, the one I'm wearing (pictured above) is actually a top and a skirt! This is cool because i can match the top with either a skirt or black jeans to give it the "dungaree" effect without getting weird looks from the public!

What I'm wearing:

Lee Jeans is also holding a massive competition right now where you can win a #GLAMPING experience for you and 5 friends! If you haven't heard of glamping, its basically camping…but in a glamorous way, yeah i know right? how can camping be glamorous? Google St. Jermones hotel and you'll see what i mean (this would probably be the ONLY way you could get me out camping haha). I'll defs be entering, so you should too. May the odds be ever in your favour hehe 

ENTER HERE #leeglampers

- Em xx


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