I was lucky enough to travel to Japan (Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto) last year after my Semester 1 exams and i thought i'd give you some tips and tricks of what i've learnt from being there! Tokyo, Japan is definitely one of my favourite places i've EVER travelled to, it's definitely a place i could go over and over again without getting sick of. I've been sitting here for at least 15 mins trying to figure out the right words to describe this amazing place, but its truly indescribable and a place you'll have to travel there yourself to understand what i mean. It could be because you can definitely feel it's rich culture and heritage in every nook and cranny, as well as a mix of modern and upbeat areas. Here are just some random places that i found in Tokyo by wandering through the gorgeous streets.

Where to Stay:

Since it was our first time in Tokyo, we wanted to stay somewhere central and convenient. We (mainly my dad haha) searched through bookings.com/ tripadvisor for a while to find the perfect hotel for us to enjoy our stay comfortably. We ended up staying at the Hyatt Regency in Shinjuku which was amazing! The rooms were super modern, clean and had an amazing view looking over Tokyo. I would definitely recommend this hotel as it's in the perfect location with a train station underneath and complimentary bus service's to drop you off/ pick you up from Shinjuku (where the shops/ nightlife is)

There's definitely a lot of other, cheaper options as well- i would also suggest checking out Airbnb if you want to rent a small place to stay in if you're travelling with friends!

Where to eat & drink :

Since i travelled there with my family we didn't really research any restaurants to eat in, we basically just wandered through the streets and around our hotel on the first night and also met up with my Aunt who lives there, where she recommended this DELICIOUS japanese restaurant on the 60th floor of the building nearby. TIP: She also told us that in most office buildings, there are heaps of restaurants on the top floors, so be sure to check them out! Also, tipping is considered rude in Japan.

We also got hungry whilst shopping and decided to stop at this random ramen restaurant in the train station. I know what you're thinking…eating at a train station? I know. I'm a person who is quite picky with food and wow this place blew me away! Since none of us spoke Japanese, ordering was kinda of difficult as you had to order and pay outside on a machine, which you then you go inside and sit down and they bring you your food! (#magic!)

Sushi in 7/11

Ramen restaurant in the train station

This was the cutest cafe on Harajuku street

"Taco rice in a cup of friendship"

Ordered the pancakes purely because of how cute it was

Vending machines everywhere!

I could talk about where to eat in Tokyo for 40 years because its truly a place where you can eat wherever and it all tastes amazing. I have never eaten so much sushi in my life, and i regret. nothing. at. all. #SushiComa

What to do:

Rabbit cafe 


Meiji Shrine

Robot Cafe

Where to shop:


Shibuya Crossing

Socks bought from Shibuya 109

If you're a young girl (and by young i mean 12-18), i was recommended to go to Shibuya 109. This is basically a massive shopping centre (i think 9 floors) of shops after shops of clothing stores. I definitely felt like a kawaii japanese school girl when i walked out. Even if you're not into the kawaii/ japanese style, i'd still recommend you check it out because i did manage to find a couple of things which i really liked (and weren't covered in pink diamonds). Each shop also had a different "theme" e.g. There was a shop which was entirely black and sold emo/ gothic items, i was too scared to go in haha

ABC Mart is a great place to buy Nike/ Adidas etc. Also near the Pokemon centre.

Other place to check out: Harajuku, Ginza (high end designer stores), Shibuya and Shinjuku

How to travel: 

Trains are probably the fastest mode of transportation, it can be quite confusing at the start as theres so many different platforms and "lines" e.g. The green line. We got lost a couple of times trying to navigate through this system, but don't be afraid to ask for help! We asked this man for directions to where the Pokemon Centre (for my brother haha) was after getting off a train and he kindly took us there personally! I was really shocked at how polite and kind everyone here was (great manners!)

Pokemon centre 

If we weren't taking a train, we were in a taxi.

Random things i learnt:

- Taxi doors open by themselves
- EVERY toilet in Tokyo is spotless. Even the ones at a random train station were sparkling (and even had the cool toilets with buttons that wash/heat your bum)
- Vending machines are everywhere
- When in a change room, you have to take your shoes off and leave them outside + wear a fabric head mask so your make up doesn't rub off onto the clothing.
- Stand on the left (stairs/ escalators etc)

Tokyo is an amazing city and i cannot wait to go back! I also loved not feeling awkward when taking food/ outfit pictures because everyone else was doing the same! E.g. I was taking a photo with this random yellow cat statue in a restaurant and i didn't feel like i was being judged haha (after people saw me taking a photo with it, there was a line of girls doing the exact same thing) - refer to the middle polaroid.

- Em xx


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