Target homewares haul

I did another shop at Target and thought i'd do a mini haul on the things that i picked up! Firstly, can we please just acknowledge how much Target has upped their game in the homeware department?! Mum and I are literally addicted into going into Target as everything we find there is such a bargain and really on trend haha. Now onto the "haul" part:

1. Gold Paper Bag- The minute i saw it, i knew i had to have it! I've seen these "paper bags" in heaps of other different stores and used in cafes for plants, so i thought it would be a nice addition to my room. I'm thinking of either planting a cactus into it or using it to store my exercise books/ make up/  uni necessities into it (these items are currently all over my table, making my room look really messy!) The tropical printed exercise book inside the bag is also from Target, which I'm also obsessed with! 

2. Grid Placements- When i first picked this up, i actually didn't realise they were placements. My initial thoughts were "hey, this would look really good as an instagram backdrop for a flatlay" hahah, insta obsessed much?

3. Blue Marble Coasters & Grid Mug- If you're like me and have a cup of chai in your hand everywhere you go, then this is perfect for you. I thought it was time to become an "adult" and purchase my own coasters for my room. The marble print really drew me towards them and very practical (don't be like me who used a pink post-it note as a coaster and ended up staining my white table with a pink square because the colour bled into the table ... yes, that really happened.)

4. Sphere Vase- This is a pretty self explanatory purchase, i just needed somewhere to put my flowers haha. Side note: Click the link to see the vase better on the website without having to see me in my pyjamas in the reflection haha.

Other items pictured: Dannii Minogue Candle & Replica Stool (i actually purchased mine elsewhere a long time ago, but i've seen that Target has come out with the exact replica of it for only $49!!)

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Love, Em x 


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