'Tis the season! I know it's already the 12th, and i'm sure most of you have already finished all your Christmas shopping- but if you haven't, this ones for you! (or if you just want an idea of what to put on your own christmas wish lists, no judgements here)

1. Lipsticks

You can never go wrong with a classic red lipstick, or any lipsticks in that case haha. I have been in love with these ones from Nars, and the packaging is A+, so chic. Any gal would love to receive these i'm sure!

2. A Polaroid and/or Polaroid Album

I received my polaroid as a gift for my birthday a while ago, and have been using it ever since! I love bringing it with me when i go overseas and by the end of each trip, i'd have a pile of polaroids scattered all over my room. If they already have a polaroid, a box of film or even an album to put all your polaroids in would be the perfect gift! My albums have definitely made my life a lot easier and my room a LOT cleaner! 

3. Marble Laptop Skin

My marble laptop skin has made my laptop 100x cooler and so photogenic (they look great in insta pics hehe) Super easy to give someone, although make sure you leave enough time for shipping/ knowing what size their macbook is

4. Anything Monogrammed

Personalized items are a huge tick in my books and would make super cute gifts for someone! Mine are by The Daily Edited, but there are heaps of other brands out there such as Mon Purse, or personalized pillow cases from shhilk 

5. Candles

When you really don't know what to get someone, a candle is always a good option to fall back on, i mean- who doesn't love candles?! My personal faves are 'Tahaa', 'Coney Island' & 'White Christmas' by Glasshouse and the 'Pear & Lime' + 'Creme Brûlée' from Circa Home. So good!

6. Acne Scarf

If you're feeling super generous, an Acne scarf would be the best present to give. Although it is on the more pricier side, its an item they will cherish and use heaps! Trust me, i live in mine and can't imagine my life without it haha

7. Comme des Garçons Pouch

My friend and i both got each other these as gifts and i adore mine. I find the size of it super handy, as it's able to slip into my smaller bags and even the back pocket of my jeans.

8. iPhone Fish Eye Lens

I found my fish eye clip-on lens in Japan for around $10 and bring it with me almost everywhere! This would also make a great stocking stuffer, 10/10 would recommend 

9. Fiorina Ring

I had to add this ring to the list as i looove mine so much! Definitely on the pricier side, but would make a lovely gift for someone who appreciates Fiorina items/ jewelry.

10. Hand Cream

I think i can speak for all girls when i say, we can never have too much hand cream. There's nothing i hate more than having dry hands, so an endless amount hand cream would be a dream (one for every bag pls). I've gotten quite a few Evodia hand creams which i have been really loving atm, my current favourite would be the Rose scented one! They also have cute gift sets which are super handy to give as gifts!  


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