layers upon layers

It's officially the first day of winter! This means the (un)necessary amount of layers upon layers upon layers upon layers. Today i went for a bit of a random mix and layered a denim jacket, which was a hand me down from mum, under a Topshop coat. Even with 4 layers on, i was still freezing! Melbourne pls. I also picked up this Acne scarf during the summer and it is now my favourite scarf that i own and has definitely come in handy (many times!) on days like this…it's super soft and SO warm! If you're thinking of getting it, i 100% recommend it. 

What I'm wearing: Coat from Topshop, Neuw denim jeans, Denim jacket (mums old one), Rubi shoes, Acne scarf, Uniqlo jumper and Karen Walker sunglasses


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