1. A cool record is always a good idea for a present. Even if your friends don't own a record player, they're also good for just decorating their rooms! Vinyl's can be found at music stores such as JB Hi-Fi or if you're unemployed and don't have that much $$$ (I totally feel you) you can always go to markets! Camberwell Market has heaps of vinyl's waiting to be purchased for less than $10! What a bargain!

2. Body lotions, moisturisers, and hand creams are all really safe presents to give someone who you're not too sure of what to give! I mean, who doesn't love having soft and nice smelling hands? My personal favourite is the Aesop mandarin and rosemary hand cream which leaves my hands feeling extremely moisturised. There are heaps of other alternatives (and much cheaper also!) such as ones from The Body Shop, L'Occitane as well as target!

3. I'm not sure about you guys, but candles will and always be one of my favourite gifts to receive. Not only do they make your room smelling like heaven, but they also look good as well! Another creative idea could include include buying a cheap candle from H&M and producing your own label for it, get your artistic skills workin' (see above image of the candle label I produced) 

4. iPhone accessories! Let's be real, technology practically evolves around our day to day lives…so why not embrace that and make them work, look and seem better? I recently bought a magnet fish eye lens from Urban Outfitters whilst i was in London and it was probably the best thing i had bought the entire trip (yes, even better than the Givenchy bag…) 

5. Terrariums terrariums terrariums! You could pay $100+ for a professional florist to create a nice terrarium for your friend…or you could make one yourself! Check out this article by IKEA on how to do that and save yourself heaps of ca$h dolla. If you'd like to check out the one i made, head on over to my instagram @emmajane8 (sneaky promo) 

I hope this post gave you some ideas on what to get your friends and i hope you all have a very safe and happy christmas/ holidays

Emma x


  1. Ahh I love all of these ideas! All so simple but lovely www.frockled.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you! I should probably take my own advice and get going on the christmas shopping haha, hope you have a lovely holiday! Emma x


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