Spring has sprung in Australia (that was corny I know haha), but thanks to Melbourne’s unpredictable weather, its either 12 degrees or 37 degrees (or even both on the same day) and if you’re stuck on what to wear or bring for the day…here are my top Spring essentials!


I never knew I would jump onto the whole sneaker trend, but boy I did…to the point even my dad was surprised! I’ve fully converted to sneakers and wear them basically everyday. I wear my Stan Smiths to death after purchasing them from Tokyo a couple of months back and I am in L-O-V-E!


I’ve seen so many girls on instagram rocking the whole bandana trend and I was SO excited when I opened this bag of goodies I got at an event to find one inside!! The one I have is from Levi’s and I love wearing it around my neck when it’s a little on the cooler side of the weather ( I might even do a post on the different ways I use my bandana…so stay tuned)


As I stated before, Melbourne’s ‘spring’ can reach up to 37 degrees and I definitely do not want to stink up the whole tram/ classroom. I’ve recently found a new deodorant that I’m obsessed with and it’s by the brand ‘Sukin’. It’s a natural deodorant that has a scent of tangerine, mandarin and lavender oils (Sometimes I use it as a room spray because it smells THAT good). I love fresh smelling deodorants, as unlike the Rexona sprays, it doesn’t leave me in a coughing fit every time I spray it.


This is more of an everyday essential for me, as I love pairing a nice watch with every outfit to make it a little more ‘special.’ My favourite for this spring would have to either be the Christian Paul watch I have, which has a white marble face and a peachy/ baby pink band. My other favourite would have to be my Daniel Wellington one, as it goes with just about everything!


For days when it's 25 degrees and you’re not sure if its cold enough for a coat or hot enough for just a t-shirt, cardigans and sweaters definitely come in handy. I like my Comme des Garcons cardigan and Kenzo sweater as they’re not too thick or thin in material. Even if it gets a bit too hot, they can always be tied around your waist.

6.     EYE SPRAY

I have the Optrex ActiMist 2-in-1 eye spray that I would use ALL the time, to the point I would bring it everywhere with me and eventually lost it. But this was definitely a Holy Grail product for me, as I would always have tired eyes, especially staring into computer/ phone screen 24/7.


I recently splurged on a pair of Karen Walker sunnies just before I left for Tokyo, as I didn’t really have a good pair of sunglasses to bring. I love the style of mine (Tortoise ‘Number One’) as the print on them isn’t too flashy and I really love the shape on my face (I have a really small face and these were the only glasses I tried on that didn’t look overly massive on me).


I’m not really a huge drake fan, but I’m really feelin’ his new song. It’s stuck in my head from the minute I wake up, till I go to bed (Not sure if my singing is a blessing or a sin to my friends). If you haven’t heard the Sam Smith + Disclosure cover of this song, you need to go watch it!!! ( I may or may not like it better than the original…)

 - Em xx


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