Oxford street

Hyde Park

Big Ben

London Bridge

Double Decker Bus

Telephone Box

London Eye

Natural History Museum

Dover Street Market

After 4 extremely long and tiring days (shout out to jet lag and the 22 hours of flying), here is a small handful of some of the photos I've taken out and about the wonderful town of London! We visited all the main tourist attractions and survived the the 2 degrees with the help of my mittens we purchased on Oxford street. All the buildings and architecture are stunning and visiting Harrods & Dover Street Market was amazing. Hopefully I'll be back soon! 

(Side note: The British Fashion Awards and The Victoria's Secret show was 5 minutes away from my hotel and it was hard to sleep knowing that Harry Styles & Alexa Chung were so close, yet so far away…)

(P.S Sorry about my face in the photos- this is what happens when you get off a 22 hour flight and land at 7am to go straight into sight seeing without brushing your hair)

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