Alexander Wang Rockie bag// I got this bag for christmas and I am absolutely head over heels in love with it. I love the texture of the leather and the shiny silver studs on the bottom of the bag (that does way it down A LOT!) The only thing I would change would be the weight as it does get quite heavy at times when you're carrying it for x amount of hours. At first, i was going to purchase the Rocco but when i went in and tried it on, it was much larger than i expected, so I am extremely happy with my baby rockie and it fits a lot! (i stuffed my entire jumper in it, along with my wallet, keys, phone and disposable camera)

Alexa Chung'IT'// The thing that drew me in most to this book, would probably be the front cover. I know we're not meant to judge a book by its cover, but on most cases, I certainly do (not sure, if its a good or bad thing though!) I personally loved this book as Alexa is my fashion God, and everything she does is perfect, her little doodles and private photos make the book special, but the actual content could've been better. But hey, it makes a nice room decoration!

Now you see me// After all the hype and everyone on social media talking about this film, I finally got the time and was able to watch it! (hashtag year 12 life) When i found out Dave Franco was in it, I may or may not have been staring at his BEAUTIFUL face for the entire movie, and his smile ahh don't even get me started (I know I'm not alone, am i right ladies??) I loved the plot and how everything eventually came together at the end. If you haven't seen it, stop what you're doing right now and watch it!! Definitely one of my favourite movies so far!

Marble// If I could make my whole house marble, I definitely would've already! This Marble Macbook made by Designlykke is on my to-do list, go check out her blog and the steps on how to create this wonderful look! The marble's simplicity and texture makes everything look 100x classier, minimal and beautiful.

The Carrie Diaries// If you follow me on tumblr (goldrave) you would probably know that I am currently obsessed with The Carrie Dairies. I know heaps of people that dislike it because it doesn't really feel like the same Carrie from 'Sex & the City' which I agree with, but I honestly couldn't care less. The cast is amazing *cough* Austin Butler *cough* and the plot makes me wish I was there with them and experiencing all the fun that they're having!

Baby lips & Sportsgirl sunnies// Dear Sunglasses, thank you for always being there for me, on top of my head, for whenever I have a bad hair day and need something to cover it up with. Also a shoutout to baby lips for making me smell like 'mango pie' at school and keeping my lips hydrated!!

- Emma Xx



  1. You watch The Carrie Diaries too?! Love that show! I really hope there's going to be a third season, great post! (:

    1. Yes! Love it!! I heard that there's not going to be a third season :-( fingers crossed that they change their minds though!
      - Emma xx


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