Hmm birthday blues…I'm not sure if its just me, but turning 20 this year really freaked me out. When i was younger, i saw 20 years olds as such put together adults who had their lives in check with a stable job, paying rent & marriage etc, which certainly isn't the case for me! 

It kind of made me really stressed out to the point where if anyone mentioned i was turning 20 soon i would automatically change the subject because i did not want to talk/think about how old i was getting haha #adultLIFE??

Although since turning 20, there hasn't been much difference really…apart from noticing a single wrinkle on my forehead when i frown (maybe its always been there and i just haven't noticed it until recently?? haha) So if you're turning 20 soon, don't stress out too much! If it makes you feel better, I even got asked for my I.D when i went out for my 20th birthday high tea lunch when the waiter was serving the champagne to everyone…bless.

I wanted to keep this years birthday celebrations to a minimum and since my birthday (May 7th) falls just before Mother's Day, i decided to celebrate with a few friends the week before my actual birth date. We all went to the rooftop bar at The Emerson, which is stunning! Definitely go check it out if you haven't been before, and then went and had dinner at Hawker Hall. 

Tip: Hawker Hall doesn't take bookings unless you want to pay $60 pp for the banquet meal, so my friends and I went to Hawker, left my number with them and then waited and got pre-dinner ice cream at Pidapipo before making our way to dinner.

For my birthday drinks/ dinner, i wore this Camilla & Marc 'I'm Not There' dress. This is seriously the most amazing dress i've ever worn and its covered entirely in pearls *insert heart eye emoji*
The dress was quite baggy and a bit too long for me, so i decided to paired it with a thin black belt with gold detailing at the front which solved the problem perfectly. I do have to admit that this isn't the most comfortable dress when you're sitting for long periods of time, as since it is covered in pearls, it basically feels like you're sitting on a very bumpy concrete road. 

Thanks so much for reading and i will see you all in my next post! (PART 2 of my birthday celebrations and outfits)

Love, Em x


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