Wearing Vintage tee, Zara leather jacket, Lee ripped jeans, Adidas superstars, Givenchy antigona bag and Dior sunnies

When you're trying to think of an introductory sentence to start off this post, whilst chugging down a cup of tea because you totally forgot about it…same

Anyway, whilst i take very large sips of tea, i want to say a massive sorry for the lack of posts! Life has been very busy these last few weeks…i just turned 20, I've been drowning in uni work, trying to watch 12 seasons of Geordie Shore in a week and attempting to Keep up with the Kardashians (that's going surprisingly well actually!)

Speaking of turning 20, my next few posts will have all my outfit details and what i got up to (if you don't already follow me on instagram) So please stay tuned for those. I'm also thinking of doing a 'what i got for my birthday' if ayone would like to see that? Please let me know either in the comments section or on instagram @emxreblog

Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday!

Love, Em x


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