It has officially been 543 days since I had my 21st birthday party- but let's just pretend I didn't procrastinate/ forget to write this blog post :)

Since I got so many questions last year about how I organised my party, I thought i would just pop everything into one simple post! Firstly, I wasn't quite sure whether to have a party or not to celebrate my 21st, but I thought "hey you're only 21 once so yolo" aka my life motto for anything I do haha

Step 1: Work out who/ how many people you want to invite. By knowing roughly how many people you want to attend, it'll then help you out when trying to find the right venue for you. I wanted to do something more intimate for my birthday, with close friends/ family. I think I invited around 35 people?

Step 2: Do you want a theme? This doesn't mean going for a Disney themed party (been there, done that haha), it can also just be a colour theme! I stuck with a silver/ white theme.


Step 3: Find the right venue. This is the hard part! So many places are either booked out a year in advance or just not the right space you had in your vision. I knew I wanted to have either a nice bright room with heaps of natural lighting, or have it outdoors. Mind you, my birthday is in May and it's usually FREEZING! But you gotta do, what you gotta do haha.

After looking at a couple of places online, I just decided to have it at the rooftop at the Sheraton Hotel in Melbourne. After our initial visit, I was in love! It had an amazing view of the city, so much room for activities and most importantly, outdoor heaters! However, just be aware that some venues have different terms for events- so for Sheraton, we were not allowed to bring any 'outside' food- so if you're planning on getting your grandma to cook up a storm, keep it on pause for this year. All food must be ordered through the hotel with a minimum spend of X amount. This also included drinks/ cocktails and the birthday cake.

Step 4: Get those invites out! Since I'm such a millennial, i invited everyone through a good ol' Facebook event page. I thought this was just the easiest way to monitor who can/can't come in one space and also lets your friends see who else is going! P.S- don't forget to let everyone know what the dress code is!

Step 5: Pinterest. Get those mood boards going! Sus around and see what kind of decorations you like/table setting inspo. I also went onto heaps of event photography Facebook pages to see how other people decorated for their 21st. Rich Photography gave me heaps of inspo and I actually ended up booking her as my birthday photographer, since i loved all her images and just wanted to have a stress free time, without having to worry about taking photos for the #mems. (here's my 21st pinterest mood board)

Step 6: Outfit planning! After you've set the mood with what decor you're going with, choose an outfit! This was probably the hardest part for me (lol) but i was just really stuck on what to wear. I ended up getting a Self Portrait dress from Glamcorner and absolutely loved it! It looked amazing in photos and was just also super comfortable

Step 7: Sit back and relax. Jokes. Organize the little things. Such a 'party playlist' and put on some old school JB. Do you want your friends to do a speech? Let them know in advance, or just put them on the spot (sorry). What time do you want to cut the cake. What shoes are you going to wear. Do you need to buy more balloons. Customize your own snap filter? AAH

Step 8: Happy Birthday! It's over n doneeee.

I hope you enjoyed this lil post and it gave you some inspo on how to plan your own lil birthday!

Photographer: RICH Photography
Venue: Sheraton Hotel Melbourne
Desserts: Crux & Co.
Canapes + Cake: Sheraton Hotel Melbourne
Decorations (21st balloons, EL light up sign and white lanterns): Big W
Dress: Self Portrait from GlamCorner


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