Dining at the Crown Conservatory

We celebrated my brother's 14th birthday at the Crown Conservatory, which is located in the centre of Crown Casino. When it's a special occasion, such as a birthday, we usually (always) go to KoKo, which is a japanese restaurant located in Crown as well, this time we decided to be "adventurous" and try out a new place we weren't so familiar with. Here's what i thought of it...

I'm not really a massive fan of buffets, as i can only eat SO much my body can't handle... and probably won't get my "money's worth" of food, especially at the Conservatory where its priced at $85 per person. In saying that, i did thoroughly enjoy the conservatory. The interior was soooo dreamy and i felt like i was in some posh restaurant in London. There was an amazing selection of cuisine, including a generous dessert table and two chocolate fountains! (i was definitely in heaven). A massive pro about buffets is that when you're greedy like me, you're able to try a bit of everything! It also means you can have multiple desserts in between meals, i may or may not have gone from a plate of prosciutto and oysters to mandarin popping candy cake with ice cream... 

I would definitely go back again, but this time- with a game plan (e.g. don't eat such a big lunch!! haha)


- Book early. This place gets full very quick! 
- Request a table near the window. I don't know about you guys, but i love having a view to look at. If you do too, make sure you let them know when you're booking over the phone
- If you're celebrating a birthday, let them know also. They'll prepare a ray of desserts and candles for you. Yum!
- Eat to your hearts content

Outfit details: ASOS dress (bought over a year ago) and Zara leather jacket

Love, Em xx


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