How to revamp your room on a student budget

As you may, or may not know- i am a huge fan of interior design and just decorating my room in general. Since it's the new year, i decided to revamp my room a little with some small changes, and what better place to head to is Target! 

I feel like they have definitely picked up their game and brought in many modern and minimalist pieces which you probably wouldn't except to come from Target. Since i'm on a student budget, this place is like heaven to me. I picked up this black stool/ side table and i am in love! i think it really brings my room together and gives it the "i've put in a lot of effort to decorate my room, but all i did was buy a stool and put accessories on it" kinda vibe. The top of the stool also opens up, so you can also use it as a basket, which i thought was really convenient as well since all my dirty clothes are just thrown to my floor everyday haha 

I hope this post gave you some inspiration for your own rooms!

Items pictured:

Love, Em x

p.s if you want to check out my room tour video, heres the link- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIvFn5Pinvo

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  1. I'm studying Interior Design and Decoration so I love going through blogs about the same. I love what you've done! I have found out that decor costs a LOT! It was something that I took for granted for so long...
    I love DIY stuff, I think its great when you've got the time, what about you?

    La Belle Dame


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