Since I'm a massive #foodie and I pride myself in knowing where the best places to eat are (hehe), I have decided to share my knowledge of cafes with you all!! Woo!

Don't read this when hungry- i've just done it and i now could eat an entire village's worth of food…ANYWAY, back to the post!

Who: Mr Mister
Where: Chapel street, Windsor
What: #2 fave place for brunch
Why: The actual cafe is so aesthetically pleasing (+ always get a great pic for my insta lol) and the food is great! Always makes me feel super healthy afterwards after destroying an entire smoothie/ acai bowl. They also do great Chai lattes!

Who: Ruby Tuesdays 
Where: Chapel Street
What: Breakfast and Lunch
Why: Generous serving size of Chai Lattes (see above image) and great bircher muesli!

**UPDATED: This place has since shut down (insert crying fact emoji)**

Who: Manhattan
Where: Toorak Road, Toorak
What: Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Why: Great location in the midst of restaurants and shops + who doesn't love rhubarb in their muesli!?

Who: Sauced Pasta Bar
Where: Chapel street, Windsor
What: Pasta Pasta and Pasta!
Why: Great variety of pasta & if you walk in wearing your school uniform, they'll give you a free drink with your meal! Bonus! *

*not sure if this is still valid as i've already graduated, defs ask them first! haha

Who: Tall Timber
Where: Perth st, Prahran
What: My #1 brunch spot in Melbourne. All meals are cooked to perfection and served beautifully. You'll always find me here every weekend.
Why: The environment is always buzzing and having tried EVERYTHING on the menu, I can officially say i have no favourites since everything is so god damn finger lick in' good hehe

Who: Ichi Ichi Ku Izakaya
Where: Park st, South Yarra
What: Japanese cuisine with a modern/ western twist
Why: VERY small restaurant with only a few seats and sometimes a queue, yet this never keeps me away! Great place to catch up with friends and always has a great playlist! I always go for their sushi, bento box or udon noodles. Currently frothing in my mouth thinking about it...

Who: MissChu
Where: South Yarra
What: Asian Finger Foods
Why: The coconut crush drinks are always a plus and the rice paper rolls never disappoint. Keep in mind that the servings are quite small, so order more! (The spring rolls are literally half the size of my thumb…and i have a very small hand haha)

Who: Doughboys Doughnuts
What: Doughnuts!!
Why: Flavours vary between banana cream and peanut buster. (It's a very hard decision choosing which one to pick- been there, done that!)

Who: Baby Pizza
Where: Church st, Richmond
What: Pizza and Pasta. This place is the sibling to both Kong and Chin Chin, so you know it's good!
Why: The whole vibe is great and the pizza is even better! (No bookings allowed, which suxxx as its always so busy! Note: a little bit more on the pricey side)

Who: Rooftop
Where: Swanston st, Melbourne
What: Rooftop bar and cinema in the heart of Melbourne CBD with a perf view

Who: Manchester Press
Where: Ranking Lane, Melbourne
What: Industrial style cafe tucked away in a small alley in Melbournes CBD.
Why: This is the place to be for bagels. Smoked salmon + Cream cheese bagel = all day, everyday.

image via Hobba

Who: Hobba
Where: Prahran
What: Eatery & Bar.
Why: Great location, food and drinks. Great for both breakfast and lunch! Always very popular for "instagrammers"

Who: Mr Burger
Where: Chapel street, South Yarra + many others! (It's also a food truck)
What: Burgers and Chips
Why: After trying every single burger in melbourne (large exaggeration), Mr. Burger rules them all out. The soft brioche bun goes so nicely with both the sauce, meat and crispy chips (Also has vegetarian option). Some may debate Mr Burger vs Huxtaburger- but i can proudly say that Mr Burger is SO much better! Definitely has a better taste and feels less "fatty." Whenever i pick up a huxtaburger, oil drips out constantly which defs puts me off. Our family has been converted.

Who: Fonda
Where: Chapel street, Windsor / Richmond / Hawthorn / Flinders Lane
What: Mexican
Why: Mouth watering Mexican style street snacks + Non alcoholic and Alcoholic cocktails available

Who: Top Paddock
Where: Church street, Richmond
What: Known for their hotcakes, i'd personally steer clear (although, it did taste nice for the first half of the meal, but onto the second part, there was no way i would be able to finish it! Very rich and filling). Other meals are very nice though! 
Why: You'll find both insta famous and food bloggers here documenting their meals and the interior of this cafe. 



  1. omg, I need to get back to melbourne asap! everything looks delicious! x



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