June, you've been good to me.

Here are my June favourites! Hope you all enjoy!

1. Velvet Teddy by MAC

I know i've spoken about Velvet Teddy an infinitive amount of times on this blog… but, its just THAT good! It's the perfect nude shade for any skin tone and compliments any outfit. I wore this lip colour throughout my trip to Japan and i've fallen in love again. [ What lip liner i use with Velvet Teddy- here

2. Adidas Stan Smith

I tried not to fall into the trap of the whole Adidas Superstar/ Stan Smith craze, but i mean…look at them! How could you not grab yourself a pair, especially if it's the LAST one in your SIZE and COLOUR! haha. 

These were the perfect go-to-shoe in Japan as they were super comfy and matched with everything.


You'd think that by eating Japanese food for 2 weeks straight that i'd get sick of it, right? Wrong. The fish in Japan is so ridiculously fresh, it literally blew me away. After coming home from my trip, i craved salmon sashimi instantly. Can't really blame a girl can ya!

3. Dogeared 'Pearls of Love' Necklace.

At first i wasn't too fond of the gold chain, as i wanted to layer multiple silver necklaces together- but it grew on me! Honestly, I just got lazy and couldn't be bothered taking it off, so i've ended up wearing it every single day since i got it haha #lazypeopleproblems. But hey! Now I love it and it's ended up in my June favourites! wow such achievement, many claps 

4. Celine trio bag

This is the ULTIMATE throw on and leave the house A.S.A.P bag. 
It may look small, but it sure fits a lot! Not only a June favourite, but a life time favourite. Would recommend this bag to anyone in a heartbeat. If you're waiting for a sign to purchase this bag, here it is.

5. Toni & Guy Dry Shampoo / Batiste Dry Shampoo

Let's be real, who can be bothered washing their hair every few days when you're hair is in that 'not dirty, but not clean' kinda stage…am i right ladies?? Spray some of this magic on and BOOM perfect hair is restored .

6. Comsol Portable Charger / Officeworks

Being me, i completely forgot that you weren't allowed to pack portable chargers in your suitcase (jks i didn't forget, i never knew tbh…) so when i arrived back in Melbourne, picked up my suitcase from the conveyer belt and saw that my suitcase had been opened and the lock was gone- I freaked out.

 Airport security left a note inside and my portable charger was gone :( It was like a part of me was ripped out and i had an empty hole in my heart, haha! Anyways, back to the point- I couldn't live without it so i went and purchased the same one again.

7. Tangle Teaser

After watching everyone else hype about this 'magical' brush, i decided to give it a shot and purchase one for myself and WOW. It truly is worth the $20 i spent on a …brush haha. But seriously, it's so satisfying brushing your hair straight out the shower, without getting caught in tangles and basically ripping your entire head off.

8. Glasshouse Candle

It's a white candle. It's called Santorini. Smells like heaven. It looks aesthetically pleasing in my room. Anything else?

9. RGB Cosmetics white nail polish

I'm really loving the entire 'white outfits' kinda look, so this nail polish really is the cherry on top! 

10. TV Show: Fresh Off the Boat

Similar to Modern Family, but funnier. So relevant to my life and it's able to make me laugh throughout the entire episode. Give it a watch and tell me what you think! In the mean time, read this article if i haven't convinced you enough.

Images via Pinterest 

11. Years & Years

I've been listening to these guys on repeat and I'm in looooooove! Such a cool tune with a "dance music you can cry too" type feel. You may know their song 'King' which is played on almost every radio channel, but give "Take Shelter" a listen - my fave! I'm also seeing them this month, which I'm WAY too excited about!! (Still trying to nail down the lyrics so i can harmonise with Olly)

I would like to give a quick thanks to Amy from Elise Garland Public Relations for hooking me up with some amazing goodies! I've definitely fallen in love with all the products, especially those mentioned in my June Favourites!

**Disclaimer: Although i have been sent these products, all opinions and views are my own and i was not asked to write a post about ANY of these products. I just really loved some of the items sent and wanted to share it with you guys! 


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